• Design of guyed masts:

o Tubular from 10m to 72m
o Aluminium lattice from 2m to 100m

  • Transport of the masts to the sites
  • Installation of masts
  • Dismantling of masts
  • Controlled destruction of masts at the end of their life
  • Masts available for hire or sale

Our strength


of valid data over a whole measurement campaign (average between 2012 and 2019 excluding vandalism)


of valid data over a whole measurement campaign (average between 2012 and 2019 with vandalism)


Thanks to our experience, we can assist you in the choice of a mast and its positioning adapted to your project.

The administrative authorisations with the local and national institutions are entirely managed by GenWind.

Our experienced and fully equipped teams install the masts by safely tilting them up avoiding any works at heights and without using any concrete foundation.

The installation of the measuring equipment complies with the IEC 61400-12 standard.

Rental - Purchase

We propose different solutions depending on the expected duration of the measurement campaign and your logistical constraints:


On the quality of the instrument depends the quality of the measurement.
We offer a wide range of instrumentation possibilities adapted to your project: anemometer, wind vane, barometer, thermometer, hydrometer…
All our measurements are recorded by our datalogger and then transmitted via GPRS, GSM or Ethernet to our secure server.

We can install different sensors according to your requests and different dataloggers according to your preferences.

Overview of data loggers:

  • Campbell CR800; CR1000; CR3000; CR6
  • NRG Symphony
  • Ammonit Meteo 32, Meteo 40
  • Wilmers NDL 485

Overview of sensors :

  • Vector anemometers; Thies
  • Vector wind vane; Thies
  • Campbell or Galltec hygro sensor; MelaVaisala pressure sensor, Ammonit
  • Kipp & Zonen pyranometers
  • Campbell Visibility Meter


Maintenance - Reporting

Through monitoring and regular preventive maintenance, GenWind ensures you a total peace of mind regarding the safety and reliability of your measurement campaigns.
GenWind masts require very little corrective maintenance.

Maintenance of measuring masts

  • Verification and adjustment of the tension of the guy wires
  • Verification of the anchors
  • Verification of connections and verticality


  • Replacement of the instrumentation
  • Replacement of data logger or communication
  • Replacement of beacons and/or power supply
  • Repair report