GenWind intervenes on your masts

Intervention on all types of data loggers and / or measuring devices

Genwind has trained technicians to carry out work on your weither stations and masts. We work in partnership with a rope access specialist for all work at height. Genwind places great emphasis on responsiveness to ensure maximum data availability.

Intervention on beacons

In case of a beaconing problem, GenWind has the necessary expertise and materials to repair in the best delays. Should it require a change of lamp, battery or solar panel, we have all the necessary spare parts in stock for a quick response.

Dismantling and/or destruction of masts

Do you have old masts that are still standing but are no longer in use, and are in a too bad condition to be climbed and dismantled? Or masts for which the original installer no longer exists? Or for which obstacle in the vicinity makes it difficult to lower it?

Thanks to its skills and experience, GenWind can remove the mast, recycle it and restore the site to its original state.

Below you can download the destruction principle to get an idea: