Visual impact

GenWind carries out on-site photography following the requests of the administration.

The photomontage is then produced using Resoft Windfarm 4 software, a well-proven software that respects the general geometry of the wind turbines in your project, considers the topography and lighting conditions at the time of shooting.

Shadowing and ZVI studies

The shadows cast by the wind turbines on the immediate perimeter of the project can be studied using the Shadow module of WindPro. A shadow map can be created and, based on predefined points in the database, figures for hourly and daily durations can be calculated. Thus, an estimate can be provided for the entire planned operating time of the plant. This tool makes it possible to better understand this potentially annoying phenomenon for people living near power plants.

The Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI) is a visibility map that determines the visual impact of the wind farm and how it will be integrated locally. The mapping is based on USGS2 topography (SRTM3) using the specialised software Resoft Windfarm4. ZVI mapping is an essential tool for assessing the potential visibility of wind turbines in the study area.